Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Emma Roberts , Emma Watson or Emma Stone ?

The red carped et is no doubt the place to display fashion taste for the stars . eventhough displaying their own personal styles but we never forget to compare the three leading ladies of hollywood sizzling the red carpet at different occasions . 
emma stone with a layer of red across her waist is putting a 3 star show on the promosional site of spider man . with a short white dress like this she's totally winning hearts and above all is the smile ....................
emma roberts with simple white dress cutted ina v-shape on the waist totally explains her classy yet stylish fashion taste of her's . but a little pop of colour or glitter on the clutch would have taken the style at another level ......................

emma watson is sure looking like a cute barbie doll and ofcourse she have not forgotten to enhance the dress look with the glittery and shiny upper top portion of the dress . Totally looking gorgeous in cannes film festival .

read the review and vote for the three ladies and tell us who do you think should be the winner for white sunshine on red carpet ? let us know . 

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