Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Who said tight skirts are not in ?

wow i heared alot of fashion bloggers supporting the idea of loose skirt while calling tight skirts totally out of fashion but baby you never know .............. its hard to digest but no babby this time you guys are wrong . tight skirts are totally in and it totally shines . you just have to wear it the right way and hola you are shining to the sky . eyes rolling only on you ................. tight skirts are sexy yet total classy . support this tight skirt lovers .......................

Pair up a darker coloured skirt with a light coloured tee top or choose white and hola all the attention grabbing will be done by your skirt ........
Try wearing a simple tight  knee lenght skirt with a lacy top for a wedding and dazzle being the focus of the eyes ;)
Blend colours and textures with the designing power on your skirt and wear witha bow necked top and you are ready to attend your favourite family function or a tea party ...............
Try sexy and try a sheered top with a black tigh dress and you are got to go to the party of the year without the worry of holding your dress all the way ;) 

what do you think let me know guys ?

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