Thursday, 1 May 2014

Neon compliments the Spring Season ..................

spring is knocking and whats better than NEON this time to welcome the colorful season  ? neon colors are the way around your fashion bucket as well as cozy comfy casual . take it with you all the way to a glorious time by holding up to these new trends ............. provide you

Eliza Textured Knot Front Bralet

to enhance the everyday look with its triangle cut in the waist and cool fabric to soften the feel of the season . the styling providing a feminine vibe to the top you've prefered . check it out and let us know ....

at the same time orange shines all through your sunglasses if you are a  fan of maxi dress but also looking for a comfy feel to the skin . so here is the serena product to meet your demand with its double slits enhancing the look as well as easy to walk with . and remember its baggy as loose as you want but tight to the waist ;)

There is more to the skirt if you want to pop some color there . boohoo provide violet textured skirt with an addition of a zipper to keep the fashion on yet make the season feel lovely to you . this woven talored skirt is what you need for your wardrobe this season . with its half skirt half short look you will dazzle the eyes ......

the zipper could seen distracting to some so here is another deal to make up to your mood by boohoo deleting the zipper but keeping the look ;)

let me know what you think by commenting below :)

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