Friday, 2 May 2014

SELENA GOMEZ's Best and Worst RED CARPET looks .................

Selena maybe a busy singer and actress but she tops the list of choices when comes to Red Carpet fashion . she have got thousands of followers for her easy , cozy and flirty looks . You name it She have wore it . its about fashion we adore her from her hairs to toes . here is fashion tops and lows of her , where she appeared wow , she also did some fashion oops ........................


1. she nailed the look in billboard music awards 2013 red carpet while wearing this white beautiful outfit yet not forgetting the pop of color around the collars and on shoulders . The choice of pink , green and yellow in light shades enhanced the dress upto another level while the loose down ponytail picked the look to perfection  . although bold cut at the front of the dress completely separated her identity as a disney starring girl but that's the way of age ;) she spread the mugic by choosing the combo of silver heels on a white dress . go selena this was up for the best dresses of all times :-*

Pumping her risky side she went for gold and shimmer this time in " MTV movie awards 2013 " she went for more risk this time and pulling her hair up with this golden glitter dress while keeping the face natural and letting the dress do the talking . the boldest part was the hair she tried for the first time in her everlasting red carpet appearances . Again proving she's a fan of silver shoes and telling that you can pair up silver with gold she went for short dress with long sleeves . putting a little pop up cherry pink color on lips she completed the beautiful look ;)

This time pointing out a much bolder side of her she went for sleek and classy look . this time she tries front and back low cut at the same time in " spring breaker 2 premiere " . the golden plated on the cuff of the shoulders is speaking for itself . completing it with a back heels with golden soul was a smart decision . the open one side hair added glory to the look while keeping the accessories simple and just going for a simple round earrings was way better . the smokey eyes are my fav ;)

when it comes to golden and black selena is ready to take the risk and what could be a better way to show it than on the white carpet of billboard music awards 2011 . this time she rocked the look with red combo and what could better suit than wearing a waist two side cutted but folded bunch of clothe sin the front of the waist and when going down have another cut to put your leg out . simply casual but highly classic . the red sandles with bow in front although is not what i would choose with dress but she pulled the look with her black and red rectangular clutch and straight silky hair . smokey eyes dosen't need explanation . 


selena its really a no when you will pull up a glitter short with a baggy white shirt in a los angeles " the thing premiere " . i'll tell you why . its horrible if you'll try red nail polish with this outfit . you can try red with white , red with black but you were wrong to choose them all this way . the accessories were the biggest let down with the dress especially that snake thingy bracelet .in short the dress choice all in all for this premiere was wrong . awwwwwwwwwwwww........... she expected fashion selena . the shoes are adding to the missery . 

emilio pucci must have did a hard job to create this feathery dress . the color is the cutest part of the dress . the skin tone is where selena went wrong and i am literally not a fan of this hair with this kind of dress . if tried a better hairdo this dress would have taken selena to the show stealing session . but alas it went all wrong with just the wrong choice of hairdo .
P.S : try some color in your feet . 

Destroying the whole look with this dress in " people's choice awards 2011 " was much easier . its the colour of the dress the fabric of the dress and with the addition its the texture of the dress which was worse . the accesories could have worked if it was not old fashioned and by old fashioned i mean " saw it like thousand times " . selena you have a designing line yourself . where is the new dearing side of yours ? make up and the hair is like cherry on the top of the worst dressed cake . sorrrry selena but this was a bad choice .......

P.S : you have experimented alot with silver sandles . some color plz ..

This which i am refering is probably according to me is the worst dress of this century :'(  the sundance film festival closing night film have urged alot of fashion freaks to cry like i'm crying right now to see the disaster this red carpet have gone through . it's not the sandles , its not the dress . its the pop of color on lips . its not that i hate this color  , its just the way the combination is not adjusting infront of my eyes . it could have been sooooo much better but i assure you selena this dress was totally not meant for you and i mean it . the hair is another letdown to the look . the absence of the accessory is another back drop . worse hah ...................

i am a big fashion fan of selena  . she may have gone through major fashion police moments but she have also proved she is a true fashionista . She is a young lady now she know the risks she take with fashion . she just need to focus on her silver  sandles :D and pull on some accessories with correct hairdos and she will rock the red carpet in the coming season :)

let me know what you think about the review by commenting below ........................ ;)

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